Water Support Technician

1171 | Marine Corps

Military Occupation

Service Branch Marine Corps
Military Occupation Code (MOC) 1171
Title Water Support Technician
Personnel Category Enlisted
Status Active

Related Civilian Occupations

CodeJob TitleSelect
33-2011.00 Firefighters
49-2095.00 Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay
49-9012.00 Control and Valve Installers and Repairers, Except Mechanical Door
49-9051.00 Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers
49-9071.00 Maintenance and Repair Workers, General
49-9092.00 Commercial Divers
51-8021.00 Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators
51-8092.00 Gas Plant Operators
53-5031.00 Ship Engineers
53-6051.07 Transportation Vehicle, Equipment and Systems Inspectors, Except Aviation

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