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Transportation Security Administration

We are the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), formed immediately following the tragedies of Sept. 11. Our agency is a component of the Department of Homeland Security and is responsible for security of the nation's transportation systems.

With our state, local and regional partners, we oversee security for the highways, railroads, buses, mass transit systems, ports and the 450 U.S. airports. We employ approximately 50,000 people from Alaska to Puerto Rico to ensure your travels by plane, train, automobile or ferry are safe and secure.

TSA is dedicated to protect our Nations transportation and ensure the freedom of movement for the people and commerce. TSA is responsible for security relating to civil aviation, maritime, and all other modes of transportation, including transportation facilities, and is the lead agency for security at airports, ports, and on the nation's railroads, highways, and public transit systems.

Careers within the Transportation Security Administration include:

Transportation Security Officers
Be part of a dynamic security team protecting airports as you proudly secure your future. An authoritative, independent attitude and the ability to communicate effectively with others are keys to success in this position.

Federal Air Marshal Service
Safeguard the United States and its interests around the world as a Federal Air Marshal. Become a Federal law enforcement officer and protect the nations traveling public. As a highly trained law enforcement professional you will detect and prevent crime and defend our nation against terrorism.

Management, Administrative, Professional
Protect the nation as an Attorney, Financial Specialist, Speech Writer, Administrative Professional, Program Manager, Technology Specialist, Bomb Appraisal Officer, HR Specialist or in another vital position.

Discover the Benefits of Serving America
Youll receive competitive compensation and all Federal benefits, including a variety of health insurance options, life and long-term care insurance, paid time off, flexible spending account, retirement plan, flexible work schedules, career development and enrichment training, employee recognition program and more.

Learn more at or by calling 1.877.872.7990 or text "TSA" to 95495.