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Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Cedar Crest Ice Cream is a family owned company that began in 1976 with the four Kohlwey brothers. As a Navy Veteran of WWII, the Kohlwey brothers’ father, Alfred, was an integral part of the business and taught his sons strong business ethics. Throughout the years, the family has built their business on the core values of dignity and respect to ensure employees develop and grow alongside the company.

It started with an opportunity to purchase the distribution depot and customer base for Oak Brand Ice Cream located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Oak Brand Ice Cream plant manufactured its ice cream in Freeport, Illinois and delivered to the Kohlweys newly acquired Milwaukee depot, on a weekly basis.  About six months after buying the depot in Milwaukee, the ice cream plant in Freeport closed.

As the ice cream inventory was depleted, a new opportunity was discovered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  About six months later, Smith Ice Cream was purchased, and the company began creating Cedar Crest Ice Cream. They produced ice cream in Oshkosh for 10 years until out growing its facility. A much larger facility, Lake to Lake Ice Cream facility, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin was purchased.

All ice cream production now takes place in Manitowoc, while our corporate office and distribution centers are in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Currently two generations of the family work in the business and oversee the day-to-day activity.

We’re proud to offer a Wisconsin made product with various jobs within Wisconsin and Minnesota that both challenge and energize employees each day.