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Cook County Health & Hospitals System

The Cook County Health & Hospitals System (CCHHS) oversees a comprehensive, integrated system of healthcare throughout Chicago and suburban Cook County through its hospitals, ambulatory and community health network clinics, public health department, correctional healthcare facility, and outpatient infectious disease center.

The CCHHS offers a broad range of services from specialty to primary care to emergency, acute, outpatient, and preventative care. CCHHS services are available to the more than five million residents of Cook County, regardless of their economic status or ability to pay.

More than 500,000 patients receive care each year from the CCHHS. The scope of healthcare services provided includes prenatal care, communicable diseases, geriatric medicine, and environmental health. The System is a leader in innovative health programs that target those diseases and conditions that disproportionately impact the populations that it serves. Those illnesses include asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, trauma, cancer, and high risk pregnant women and their newborns.

The CCHHS hospitals are recognized as leading teaching centers. They are home to a wide array of residency and fellowship programs. The physicians at CCHHS hospitals have been pioneers in the use of important medical and surgical techniques, with noted advances in the treatment of trauma and burn victims. At CCHHS facilities resident and attending physicians work together to meet the needs of the area's multi-ethnic population.

Deeply committed to prevention, System staff and volunteers work with community residents to promote good health and wellness. Through health fairs, a speaker's bureau, support groups, health wellness groups for teens, men and seniors, and educational programs (diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, heart disease and others), CCHHS is a catalyst for improving the health status of communities throughout Cook County.

At the CCHHS patients are our first priority. We are dedicated to providing personalized, caring, and efficient service to all patients. Providing our patients with the highest quality care and educating them on the best ways to improve their health and prevent disease will always be the goal of the CCHHS.

We provide a comprehensive benefit package for our employees with generous health care, vacation and other benefits that are designed to enhance your work experience and meet your personal needs.

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