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IMI Components Ltd.

IMI Components Ltd has a unique skill set which allows us to successfully undertake complex and demanding projects for our customers as well as providing a high quality source for medium to high volume component supply. In machining terms, IMI specializes in precision CNC machining of components in specialist alloys, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steels. For aluminum pipe work, IMI specializes in precision bending, machining and forming of aluminum tube from 8mm to 168mm diameter. IMI can clearly demonstrate a long term record of 0ppm failures on quality and delivery.
It is IMI Components policy to maintain an environment where all communications with our customers are open and frank. This is achieved through our concentration on a small core of key customers where we can build a solid platform of multi level communication. This gives the customer the ability to communicate at any chosen level within our organization, facilitating rapid decision making and short communication channels.

Because of our focus on a limited number of customers with direct multilevel contact we have a very lean company structure. This means that our customers deal directly with the decision makers and benefit from an extremely low overhead burden.