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Enterprise Rent-A-Car

When it comes to success, we have one word of advice: GO!

Welcome to Enterprise. This is where all types of people find success. In fact, that's how we've become the largest rental car company in the world. We built our company around being honest and fair, and at the same time, incredibly motivated and entrepreneurial. This is where your potential becomes reality. Sound like any company you've ever heard of? Actually, we aren't. At Enterprise, weve gotten recognition for how well we treat our employees and our customers. We also have a renewed commitment to the environment. Thats what makes Enterprise such an amazing place to work. Once you get to know our people, our values and our commitment to the planet, you'll begin to understand what makes us GO.

Military Heritage

Enterprise has a rich and distinctive heritage. It's a truly remarkable story of how entrepreneurship, hard work and a big dream can turn a tiny start-up into a world-class company.

The story begins with our founder, Jack Taylor. Born in our company's home town of St. Louis in 1922, Jack heeded his country's call after the attack on Pearl Harbor drew the United States into World War II. In 1942, he enlisted and served as a decorated fighter pilot in the skies over the South Pacific.

Then, like so many others of the "Greatest Generation," Jack returned home to raise his family and start a business. Lessons learned in the Navy - including the values of integrity, hard work, team spirit and simply doing the right thing - helped shape his personality. They also made their mark on the company he founded in 1957, and that his family owns to this day.

Jack developed a simple but enduring business philosophy that still guides our efforts as the largest rental car operation in the world: "Take care of you customers and your employees first, and the profits will follow." As his company grew, the Navy veteran expanded operations into new markets and named the company after an aircraft carrier on which had served, the World War II USS Enterprise.

To learn more about Enterprise's rich heritage, please check out our Founding Values and Cultural Compass, which focuses on our operations, diversity and inclusion, workplace quality, business ethics, public affairs and philanthropy, and environmental conservation.

Billions of reasons to join Enterprise

As a multibillion-dollar industry leader, we can offer you more than a chance to succeed. This is where you can thrive. Our environment's energetic, our people are motivated and our career paths can take you where you want to GO. No matter where you join Enterprise, get ready for something big.

Picking people up for decades

Yes, we pick people up. And we do it in more ways than one. The idea of driving vehicles to our customers was developed by one of our managers in Florida, and the service quickly spread across the country. Its just one example of our commitment to innovation, to customer service and to listening to our people. If you bring your drive, dedication and determination to Enterprise, maybe we can pick you up.

Its about you and the customer

The biggest ideas are often the simplest. Our founder, Jack Taylor, had an idea to focus the resources of Enterprise, on the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our employees. And, in his words, "The rest will take care of itself." For more than 50 years, his innovative commitment has held true, and we continue to be recognized for our world-class customer service and the way we advance our professionals. Advertisement

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